2020 Reunion Survey

Note: You probably saw this already in an email or on Facebook. I thought I should also include it here for completeness.

First things first: We would like every family to fill out the survey, even if you already know that you can’t go to the reunion this year. It helps us know that we have reached everyone in the family.

A month ago we chose to put off until June 1st the decisions about the family reunion. Christina, Paul, Sam, Rachel, Lauren and myself have spent a combined 14 hours talking about what you have shared with us and what questions we need to ask to reach a decision. 
The survey will allow us to answer these questions:

  1. Do we hold a family reunion on the weekend of the 4th of July this year? (we will go with the majority)
  2. If we hold the reunion, what do we need to do differently this year? (we will go with the majority of people who are going)
  3. If we don’t hold a reunion at Heit’s Point over the 4th, what would we like to do instead? (we would finalize this later)

The survey is relatively long (23 questions) because we are making 3 decision and we want to make sure we understand everyone’s views. The survey will be available until 6pm on June 2nd (a little over 2 days). I will not share your individual answers with anyone. We anticipate having the results on June 5th, but may have them sooner if everyone is more or less in agreement about what we should do. 

When we “count the votes”, we will be using one vote per person instead of one vote per household. Only one person in your household needs to fill out the survey, and you can include anyone in your family who doesn’t use the internet if you want. But don’t fill it out for other people who might fill out the survey for themself. One of the first questions is, “Who are you are filling out the survey for?”

If different people in your household would have different answers to questions, they can fill out a survey instead of being included in your survey, or you can submit a second survey just for them. For example my wife, Lauren, knows that she can’t make it this year, so I’m going to fill out the survey once for me and once for her. But I wouldn’t do that if our answers were the same.

Note: I indicated in last months email that we would look at the possibility of delaying the decision until June 15th. It does not look like the timing works out to wait that long. We could have waited another week to decide, but it didn’t seem like anyone would know much more in one week, so we decided to proceed with the original plan.

While you are taking the survey, feel free to ask me any questions if something is unclear: Lloyd@LloydAndLauren.com. But most of the questions have little explanations to help you decide what they are asking. Please read those before you contact me, or I will make fun of you.

Here’s the link for the survey:


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