Nebraska Sommerers Family Tree

I posted this image on Facebook to show Becky how Steve Shultz is related to us after Steve replied to the Heit’s Point Reunion post. Aunt Cleo said that she couldn’t read it, which is not surprising considering I wrote it and I can barely read it even when it is right in front of me. So I created the version at the end of this post for Aunt Cleo.

We wrote this down to keep track of the people we met at the Nebraska Sommerer Reunion.

These are not the only Sommerers who came from Honey Creek to Nebraska in the 1800s. But I don’t have any information on Katherina Maria Sommerer (Adolph Sommerer’s Aunt) other than she married Simon Kerl (noted author and such) and then, after he died, she married his half brother, Marcus Kerl. I think they only lived in Nebraska for a short time, but deeded 40 acres of land to build a Lutheran church. Maybe one of you knows more of this story.

That church in Nebraska was attended by another of Adolph Sommerer’s aunts, Anna Sommerer. Anna married Otto Uehling (son of Theodore Uehling for whom the town of Uehling Nebraska is named). Here’s some interesting reading about that church. Otto is named in a case concerning the church which went before the Nebraska Supreme Court in 1897. I had a hard time following the particulars. Maybe Greg or Tracy can tell us what it says.

So, three of Adolph Sommerer’s five aunts and uncles who survived to adulthood moved to Nebraska.

Okay, without further adieu (is that the right word?) here is the Nebraska Sommerers Family Tree (click on the image to make it large enough to squint at; then click on it again enlarge some more):

Click to enlarge, then click again to really enlarge!

And here’s the disclaimer: I know that this isn’t complete. There are any number of people under the age of 50 who should be at the bottom of the tree who are missing. And there are whole branches that are missing. I’m pretty sure that Aurelia Emelia Sommerer has a whole family that I don’t know anything about. And even some of the branches that are started, like Carmon Johanna Olive Sommerer, have people I know are missing. But I’ve never met any of those people. This was mostly made so that we could see how the Nebraska Sommerers fit together. And to brush up on names before their Family Reunion.

Maybe Aunt Cleo has more information that we could use to fill this in.

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