Not too late to use your Thrivent Action Plans for Heit’s Point or elsewhere!

My mom, Aunt Jane to some of you, sent this to me:

Dear family,

I talked to Mark Nolte at Heit’s Point today.  If you have unused Thrivent projects you can turn them in before the end of 2020 to be used between January and April of 2021.  To use them for Heit’s Point, mark it as a servant project.  Your part will be coordinating and planning.  He has had several go through as “Help with Volunteering” for whatever is needed.  Set the use as supplies and an amount of $250.00. You can even change the address to: 

Mark Nolte
Heit’s Point Lutheran Ministries
28345 Heit’s Point Ave.
Lincoln, Mo. 65338

That way, you will not have to get the project to him (it will be sent right to Heit’s point).  If you do not want to use it for Heit’s Point,  find another worthwhile project and submit for.  It has to be done before the end of December.

And I would just add that if don’t live in Missouri, it is probably easier to pick a local charity to use the free $500 dollars that everyone with a Thrivent Insurance policy or Retirement Account has.

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