2018 Reunion Information

Here is the long awaited 2018 reunion information. We will continue to work so that the oldest members of the family can have rooms in the Spitz Center if they want them.

Other things to note:

  • On the reservation page, we’re once again asking for information from people who are coming to the reunion, but not staying at Heit’s Point, so that we can get a more accurate head count for meals. You can make reservations starting now.
  • The meal page has been expanded with additional information. The biggest changes this year center around meals. We will have all of our meals in the Spitz Center cafeteria and we will not have a group lunch on Saturday (instead breakfast will be later and supper earlier).
  • The old general information page and the frequently asked questions page have been combined into a new and improved General Information page.
  • You can read about the times for other activities on the Schedule page. Note the meal time changes.
  • You can get to the Family Reunion Information from the Reunion 2018! menu on the right or from the “Get Togethers” menu above.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions you can use the comment area at the bottom of any of these pages to make your feelings known.

If any of the links don’t work, I apologize.  Lloyd normally does that part, and I am not an IT person.


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