The Marjorie Beck Story….by Aunt Marji (part 4)

We went to St. John’s Church and school which was 1/4 mile from home.  I went to St. John’s for 3rd and 4th grade, then we were sent to Forest Hill Public School near Osage City.  It was a two mile walk, but we had a gravel road to walk on.  Sometimes we cut through the fields and woods to make the trip shorter.

I went to Forest Hill School for my 5th and 6th grades, then back to St. John;s for Confirmation.

Well, the folks had some disagreement with Rev. K.F. Schroeder (teacher also) and I finished grade school and graduated 8th grade at Forest Hill School.

I went to ninth grade at Fairview School in Jefferson City and rode the school bus.  I went to confirmation instruction with Rev. Schmaltz at Trinity Lutheran Church one day a week after school.

I went to Simonsen High School in the 10th grade.

We moved to the “Sixth Place” in the spring of 1940.

We had another sister named Naomi Joan the spring of 1941.  This place wa owned by my Godmother Selma Erhardt.  She was so good to us.  She got me a job at the Capital City Laundry as a Go-For.  This was before intercoms.

I took instructions from Rev. E.G. Bultmann and was confirmed with Gilbert Strossner on December 30, 1940.  We had to recite the whole Catechism to a church full of people.

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