Stories from Grandma… by Christina Rowland

Grandma used to tell us stories about when she was little all the time.  But she always started her stories in the same way… “When I was a little boy…”  That was it, I never heard the rest of any of her stories because I was too busy trying to figure out how she was a little boy and not a little girl.

If you can remember them, please tell me one of the stories Grandma would tell so I don’t feel left out.

12 thoughts on “Stories from Grandma… by Christina Rowland

  1. I do remember her saying one time when she was a “little boy” their family was putting flowers on someones grave and she told her mother that she would bring her a flower everyday and put it on her grave when she died and her mother told her not to do that.

  2. I always found this only slightly less confusing than when Grandma would tell me that she was going to “put your head between your ears” if I didn’t quit doing whatever evil thing I happened to be doing at the time (probably bothering my sister).

    • It took me a very long time (probably, right up until Lloyd told me)to realize that my head was already between my ears……she must have got to us young!

  3. I remember trying to scare my kids when they were little using that to discipline them…but I couldn’t remember exactly how it went and I remember one time saying “If you don’t be good, I’m going to stick your head between your legs” I think when I said it, it didn’t sound right to me, so I discarded that way of discipline. I never knew (remembered) exactly how it went until you guys wrote about it. Now I can try it on my grandkids!

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