Hospitals and Dolls… Aunt Naomi

When I started school, (I started early – maybe 5) I was sick a lot with tonsillitis a lot. Another early memory is of going to St. Mary’s Hospital and the Sister telling me she was going to take me to the “perfume” room that was probably ether.

The perfume room was the operating room and after my tonsils were taken out, I got my first doll that I can remember (I had a brown bear before that) This is the little rubber doll in the basement in the cradle with damaged arm & leg. I don’t know what ever became of the bear. That doll suffered through a lot with an owner determined to have a doll with hair. I painted her hair area black to give the effect to more hair. When I decided that I wanted her to have real hair like dolls I had seen in Sears Catalog, I cut my hair and glued it onto her head. It actually did not look too bad either. There are remnants of glue on her head now, poor thing. She’s been through a lot, because later I painted hair on her again.

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  1. Oh the memories of childhood dolls. I still have my first doll in her not-so-white dress and little pink knitted cap. She has seen betters days. She has the sort of eyes that are open when she is upright and closed when she is laid down. Only, one eye sticks. So you have to manually open or shut it. It is sort of a creepy thing if you think about it, so I just leave her sitting up with both eyes wide open.

    I am chuckling to myself now, thinking about laying the doll down and tucking it nicely in Anna’s bed for her to find; with one eye open and one shut. Will that give my daughter nightmares?

  2. In 1910 the Schleer Family lived on Dunklin Street next door to Granpa and grandma Ehrhardt, Aunt Tillie age 20 and mother age 11. There was the mother named Emma Schleer, Sophia Schleerh her daughter age 30, who was a dressmaker,and her 2 brothers. I think that Sophia was the seamstress who made mother all those beautiful clothes.

  3. Then Sophia Schleer must have been the lady who made the bread that mom and the other girl (Mary Cleopha??) took up to St. Peters..possibly, maybe.. In my basement hanging on the wall is a “round” bread pan with slide indentations. I think mom said that was Sophia’s…maybe….possibly….

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