The Farm in Winter

I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked this photo. It’s not a very good photograph. Everything is blurry. The color is washed out. There’s no real focus on anything. But it’s just compelling. It looks more like a painting than a photo to me. It makes everything look lonely, but makes me wish I was there at the same time.

It's not Christmas, but it will be soon.

It's not Christmas, but it will be soon.

We’d like to post pictures that bring back memories for people. If you have a picture, why not email it in? You can’t really use the contact form for that, but you can send them to or upload them to your favorite photo site and drop us a line about where to find them.

12 thoughts on “The Farm in Winter

  1. Ahhhh snow….Remember the New Year’s Day celebrations at Grandma’s house? We would play all over the house. I remember playing cards next to the pot bellied stove where it was warm. Can you believe that so many people could fit into that little house and be so comfortable? When we were little, I remember sharing with Sam,Steve and Lloyd Grandma’s little stool for a little table to eat at. The dinning room table seemed so big, but I never remember eating at it as a child….it was for the adults.

    • Was it not great to all gather in the kitchen and say grace and sing before we ate all grandmas and our aunt’s good food.Grandma sure could cook.Danny,Ralph, and I sure did love her home made noodles and aunt Cleo,s [mix cherry, grape,and strawberry cool-aid mixed together drink]
      It sure is funny to me that all the kids just new to go to our room [Grandma,s bedroom] to eat at the round table.We never had to use the door to get there either the window worked just fine. Where else in this world could you go and crawl through a window, slide down a flight of stairs or ride the rail and get chased by a GOAT all in one day?????
      ONLY GRANDMA’S!!! What a great life!!!!! To all our aunt’s, uncle’s,and cousin’s thanks for the memories.LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!

  2. You mention the fuzziness of the picture, which gives me the feeling that the farm is tucked in its valley under a fuzzy blanket of snow. It looks cozy and inviting. I wish I would have gotten to experienced some of the good times there.

  3. I loved going out there and to my Grandparent’s just up the road. I remember driving back and forth between the two places with Jeannie in her little car. Open and close, open and close the gate…so many times! Jeannie would even let us sit on her lap and let us take the wheel (boy, we thought we were hot stuff!)
    My favorites were “sneaking” around in the upstairs rooms- what treasures were up there! And sliding down the banister was the thing to do.
    It was fun exploring the farm, of course and learning about farm stuff… like when Brenna learned about electric fences- Haaaaaaaa!

  4. Say, where’s the outhouse? Is it the thing that is laying on its side?
    Loved that banister! Remember how you couldn’t sneek down those steps because the 4th from the bottom had a terrible squeek?
    The freezer was an insight into Grandma’s culinary mind. Not only did she freeze cookies and cow-parts, but it kept potato chips from getting rancid! Genius!

    • You’re talking about that little building between the smoke house and the chicken coop, right? I know that’s not the outhouse, but I have never known what it is. You would think someone here could answer that.

  5. When I look at this picture, I remember the cold December, that Lloyd and I went to cut down a Christmas tree. Lloyd was about 11 years old and I was about 16. Naomi was working and living at Norfleet’s at the time, That was why she wasn’t with us. We drove Dady’s tractor and wagon,down the bottom, over to Motz’s Goetz’s, cut down a perfect tree, and started back home with it. Lloyd was driving, I was standing on the back of the two wheel wagon, We started up the hill (before you got to the first waterfall) all was going fine, then we proceeded up the real steep hill with the sharp turn. About half way up, the wagon separated from the tractor, and I and the Christmas tree, and wagon, started down the hill, we were going pretty fast, I was hoping that It wouldn’t make the turn and continue heading down to the creek. I was lucky, It went straight and the wagon, went out into the pasture and was stopped by brush. I sat there wondering, how long it would take for Lloyd to miss me. He got as far as the walnut trees when he turned around and found me and the wagon missing. It probably scared him to death, wondering where he would find me. When he came back to find me and seen that I was ok, we had a good laugh over it. It still makes me laugh when I think of it. What wonderful memories we shared of our old home place.

  6. The out house was attached to the smoke house on the left. the place where she threw the scraps to the chickens was to the right of that. The rocks piled up as the foundation for the smoke house was an excellent place to find kittens. They had a secret passage to get in and out of the smoke house over there. I cant believe you don’t remember that!

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