Happy Birthday

Happy birthday wishes to Rachel Folkemer and Uncle Theodore Kuegele.

If anyone has any photos (embarrassing or otherwise) of them that I could add to this post, please send them my way post-haste.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Did I do that right? “Uncle Ted”? “Uncle Teddy”? “Uncle Theodore”? I think I’ve heard all of those, but I don’t know if they were all refering to the same person. But in any event, happy birthday!

    • I think we should say Theodore Kuegele Sr. since there are 2 of them. Uncle Theodore(Ted) Kuegele was born in 1918 he is the second oldest member of this family. Alma Sommerer is the oldest and she was born 1913. Did you all know that Becky and Julie and Mark and Leon were all born the same year Becky is like a half year older then the others. I have Paw paw trees coming up in my yard. They are root stock from my paw paw tree. They wont do me any good , but if anyone wants one let me know before I mow them off. They grow very fast.

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