Adolph, Theresa and The Twelve

Grandma Grandpa and the twelve at Honey Creek

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I have a confession to make. I’ve had this better copy of this picture ready to put on the website for over two years. But I told Sam that I wouldn’t put up the version with Aunt Lolly on it until he made his first comment on the website.

That happened last week, so I guess I’d better hold up my end of the bargain as well. Isn’t this a nice picture? You can see the old version here if you’ve forgotten what it looked like already.

So, when was this taken? What was the occasion?

14 thoughts on “Adolph, Theresa and The Twelve

  1. Has anyone else noticed that Mahlon still holds his left hand in the exact same position? It makes me smile; knowing him today is like knowing part of him from yesterday.

  2. You’re welcome everyone! To deprive the world of my beautiful mother was wrong of me. Now I can reclaim my spot as FAVORITE SON. Stinks to be you Steve or Dave or Doug or Danny. Well not Doug or Danny, as much as they do for Ralph and Lolly- they better be favorite sons.

    as long as it’s not Steve.

  3. We dicussed this picture on here before. I don’t remember when we decided it was taken. I am thinking that this was the last family picture we had taken when father was alive, He died in 1970. I dont think Lloyd was married yet. Let me know if I am wrong. Please—- I want to say that I am so happy to see and hear from the cousins in this family. We need to hear more from you all. Please write more often.

    • Aunt Cleo, Dad (aka Uncle Lloyd, Sr) and Mom were married in 1967. Lloyd the smaller was also born in 1969 along with Tracy. Sam was born in Jan 1970 (happy late BD, Sam).

  4. I have some other pictures of this same time (same clothing, same site, etc.) and one of them has the grandchildren on it. Our first 5 kids are on it with Tracy at about age 9 or 10 months. Daddy is on the picture. Tracy was born in Aug. 1969, so yes, this had to be taken in 1970. Weirdly,,,,I never noticed Lolly and I were not on the picture until she called my attention to it. I always felt kinda invisible as a child anyway. That’s what happens when you are 11th of 12!!

  5. Yes, That’s it. You can barely see Daddy. He is holding a Grandson (but I’m not sure which one). I think Daddy was trying to hide behind him.

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