4 thoughts on “Photo Friday off to school

  1. I love that Grandma would make us each a new bookbag at the start of school! They were awesome! Always different pockets for little stuff.

  2. HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY to all the Mothers in the “family”! Keep the family growing!!! “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”
    Special wished to my mom who rocked the cradle and brought home the bacon at the same time.

  3. Someone did write a song about them it is called “Ive been standing near the gate looking down the narrow way and I see the multitude gathered there..Wearing garments white as snow walking streets of purest gold all the saints are coming home forever more….

    Well maybe that wasn’t really the intent of the song but it would work in a pinch.. Happy mothers day to all you special Moms. If your not a mom you are still very special to all of us.. Blessings.

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