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Mary Jane sent this to me a long time ago, and I thought some of you would get a kick out of it. At Olivia Piazza’s school a student put this project together.  Olivia is about 3/4 through the video, in the gym, in footie pajamas, on someone’s shoulders, and later flipping her hair and opening the stage door. (If you have a slow internet connection, it might take a while to load).

They shot the whole thing during one study hall period. This was the last of 5 takes. The amazing thing is that there is no editing. It’s just one long, incredible shot. I teach a couple of video editing classes, and that is really hard to do.

This April, the school is doing Sound of Music. Olivia will be Elza von Schrader, the sophisticate that gets dumped over for good-hearted Maria. This will be Ron’s 6th year as artistic director and set builder. Mary Jane has invited us all up for the weekend. It should be a blast. Maybe Mary Jane can get Olivia to comment…

Send in what your children and grandchildren are doing, so we can post about it.

4 thoughts on “Lets get it started

  1. The words for the song are questionable, but the team effect of the kids was amazing. Lots of other schools are doing similar now.
    Yes, if anyone would like a 2-day road trip in early April to Western MA (no where near or similar to Boston or NYC), Sound of Music’s dates are: Thursday, April 7 through Sunday April 10. Two of the days have matinees. We have two extra bedrooms and many, many Holiday Inn Express, Mom and Pop motels, and B & B’s nearby. Aunt Naomi — consider this if all your girls looking for a getaway!

  2. Awesome video! Brittney and I really enjoyed it! I’d love to come (I love The Sound of Music) but I can’t go anywhere until after April 15th! Break a leg, Olivia!

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