Life at Schubert’s… by Aunt Bea (part 2)

When there were chickens big enough to butcher, we all picked pin feathers by a 100- watt light bulb that was left in the basement (we had a basement and a cellar).  When we were done, we had to store the light bulb again so no one would know we used it.  The chickens were packed in ice also.  I was too little at that time to peddle.  We would set on the front porch and wait for our daddy to come home.  We could see the highway from there and watched for our daddy’s car. Mahlon and I would play under the lilac bush with little cars.  We made roads and little stick houses. We had little toys that came out of Cracker Jack boxes that we got at the Sunday school picnic.  Daddy would give us a nickel to spend at the picnic. In the summertime, I suppose that was our high point.  The picnic had prisoners from Algoa Reformatory playing music all day.  That was a highlight also.  Once, my family got in the Buick and left.  The car being full, I was left stranded there.  They came later and got me. That was a low time for me to remember. In the olden time, if you had $1.00 that was 20 nickels. I thought my daddy was so rich when he let me have one every time I ask.

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  1. I love hearing these stories about the family (one-half of it) at Schubert, and I always thought the house at Schubert was so grand! Luckily we have some video of it with Mother and Elizabeth talking about it. Keep the stories coming Bea!

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