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  1. I didn’t remember that cistern pump until I saw this picture. I remember the galvanized metal pump thingy, though. Is it still there? Where is the pump in the picture? Was it taken to the junk yard?

  2. The cistern pump is the one in the foreground. The one in the background is the well pump…but I remember the well pump having a pumping handle, because one of my older siblings told me that if I put my ring (beautiful 10-cent ring) down the well, that I could pump it back up…just don’t ever believe your older siblings!

    • Christina I was wondering if the tree was still there. It was really a nice tree. I think it was some type of locust tree,Mahlon and Vernon will know.

    • That’s how I remember it too. A big stump with a big pile of fence posts (piled) around it. Reasonably interesting to a kid, but not quite as nice as an actual tree.

  3. This pic may be the winner for getting the most comments ever, but I have another question and I HOPE someone will answer it… Is that tobacco hanging in the right side of the machine shed? I didn’t know we raised tobacco when I was that young. It sure looks like tobacco hanging there.

    • Naomi that was going to be my next comment. I wanted to know if people could see the tobacco hanging in the machine shed. It’s hanging very high I guess because there is machinery under it, Next to it is the tool shed. Father had a very orderly tool shed.The tool shed was neater then the kitchen…On the other side of the tool shed was a place for animals. I remember having sheep in there at one time. I guess it was used for about anything it was needed for. on the otherside of the fence is a trough that we threw feed for the chickens. If it was grain we just threw it on the ground.

    • We started raising tobacco during WWII. There wasn’t enough tobacco to supply the troops so allotments were made. Allotments allowed a farmer to raise so much tobacco acreage. We raised 9/10 of an acre and the government came out and checked to be sure it wasn’t more than that. The first year there was a good price and the second year we made about $150 total on the tobacco. Some of the farmers decided that wasn’t worth the effort. After that we got more for it like maybe $700. Because the government guaranteed a certain amount. I think towards the end Lloyd was paid NOT to raise it.

      Both of the trees were removed when the power line came in. They were cut down sometime about 1947. Daddy didn’t have any tools so that’s why his tool shed was neat. Most of the time we kept the sheep in the left side of the shed. But one winter we raised pigs in the front corner. It was so cold! Vernon stayed with the sow when she was ready to deliver. Daddy warmed towels on the stove. I sat with Vernon. When it was just about time I’d run to the house and get warm towels in a bucket and run back to Vernon. He would wrap the baby pig in the towel and I’d run back to the house. Daddy would get the pig warm and put it in a box behind the stove. When all the pigs were born and warm we took them back to the sow. Sow had about twelve or fourteen pigs and she didn’t have room for that many so we bottle fed a couple.

      • The tree is the picture on the right…I thought was there when I was in my pre-teens. I remember the surry with the finge on top sitting under the tree for many years. I don’t know where the surry came from, but I remember the ride Mahlon gave me in it…bouncing over big rocks..it was wild! I don’t know which horse whas hitched to it and I thought we would be killed for sure. The ride was through the west woods (just west-south of Lloyds’s house). What great memories!

  4. I didn’t realize the tool shed was enclosed all around on the south end. For some reason I thought the west and east sides were open. Well they are now anyway.

    • I don’t remember any doors on it….Dad kept the “little” tractor in there, so maybe he took the doors off so he could get in and out faster….I didn’t even know there was a door into the middle part until I was about 10….

  5. Hi family… I love hearing about earlier days of the family! Surreys, and cisterns! I got to visit with Denise Lorenze yesterday! We are in Little rock visiting Greers mother and we took her out for a drive to Petit Jean about an hour from LR and I remembered that Denise runs a Lutheran camp there so we drove around and found the camp and she was there!!! How cool is that!!!! today is her grandma Lillians birthday and mine too!

    • WOW I am so glad to hear that. Now that you know where it is, maybe my sisters and I can drive down there someday. I have wanted to do that for a long time. Happy Birthday, We prayed for you in church today. This is in responce to Julie going to visit Denise Lawrenz in Arkansas

  6. You are getting younger aren’t you Julie? Lloyd said there was a fence from the shed out by that tree and there was always old equipment parked out there. He remembers the tree as well. He thought the paddle was where they put the water pipe in when it rained. Otherwise they kept it out of the way.

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