Things I Remember Fondly… by Aunt Sis (part 2)

My mother told me when daddy was in the field plowing, his field hand brought him home in terrible pain.  I was not born yet.  Elizabeth was about 1 year old.  They took daddy to the hospital, Dr. Hill called momma and said, “I’m sorry Mrs. Sommerer the appendix has broken, the poisonn will kill him!”  Momma said, ” NO IT WON’T!  YOU WASH HIM OUT REAL CLEAN AND HE WILL LIVE!” Dr. Hill said, ” It’s never been done before!”  She said, “YOU DO IT!”  He did, and saved daddy’s life.

4 thoughts on “Things I Remember Fondly… by Aunt Sis (part 2)

    • Who is electric field and what kinds of info was he searching for? I want to respond to Sis’s “I remember things fondly.” Thank you Lillian for putting these things on paper. I remember hearing this before, but had forgotten it. This may have been mentioned in Mothers diary, but I don’t want to go back and hunt for it. How did this article come to be on the Sommerer Web site. Is electric field Christina Rowland?? Thanks everyone bye now.

  1. I can remember Mother telling us this story many times. I guess she saved Daddys life, by telling Dr. Hill what he should do.

    I want to know if my nephew Lloyd Jr. is well now? Please Lloyd let us hear from you. We love you.

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