Ollie Ollie Income Free!

“Ollie Ollie Income Free!” LOL. Just thinking of those words takes me back to grandma & grandpa’s house .It would be summertime just as it started turning dark. The grownups were entertaining themselves singing or talking. It was probably the 4th of July. Lots of kid would be there.

We had lots of fun playing hide and seek. After several people were found and the rest could not be found you yelled OLLIE OLLIE INCOME FREE! So you could get on with another game and maybe see where someone came out of to steal their idea of a hiding place.

What was the game we played where we split up half on one side of the house half on the other… then someone would throw the ball over the house to the other side and yelled something as they threw the ball.

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  1. Julie it was either (andy over) or handy over, one side threw the ball over the house to the other side, the other side caught it, and came around the house, trying to tag as many players as they could. Those players who were tagged were on that side.Then the ball was thrown over the house by the side who had caught the ball, and so it continued. If anyone remembers more about this game please comment. We played this at Oak Grove all the time. At Honey Creek we played over the white building, that we had dinners in. The school was too large. Can anyone remember how to play dare base? I forgot how to play that game

  2. I thought it was “ollie, Ollie Oxen Free”? I don’t remember playing that game, but I do remember playing “Ghost in the Graveyard, run, run, run”. I think we destroyed many a flower hiding in Grandma’s flower beds!

  3. Agrees… for us it was “Ollie, ollie oxen free!” Who knows what it was in the way back time, but we all knew what it meant.

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