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The family members list is a little tool that I wanted, so that I could look and see how everyone is related. You’d think I would just know this stuff by now, but I don’t.  You’ll find the family members list and a bunch of other occationally useful items in the tools menu at the top of the website.

The cool feature about the family members list is that if you click on the little [+] sign next to each family, it will expand to show you the next level. You can keep digging down as far as there are kids to find. If you just tried to look at it just now, you probably realized that it is password protected. You have to log-in to the site before you can view it. We did that because my mom said that you might not want the whole world to know your mother’s maiden name, and you have to listen to your mom.

Expand away...

If you don’t have a username, you can get one by clicking the Register button that is near the bottom of the Sidebar on the right hand side of the screen. You’ll have to answer some questions, and undergo a though background check (we don’t want to let in any rift-raft unless they are family), and wait until someone can look it over.

This is what it looks like

We think the information in the family members list is pretty up-to-date, but you guys keep having babies, so, when you find something that needs to be changed, you can use the form below the list to send in the updated information. In fact, you might want to check your families information once you have a username just to make sure it is correct.

Coincidentally, my parents came up to our house this last weekend for the Nebraska Sommerer Family Picnic, and Dad (Uncle Lloyd) told them that he would list out everyone in his family for them. He was glad to find it already done when he got here.

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