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Just in case you didn’t notice, some of the most interesting and potentially useful stuff on the website is located under the tools menu at the top of the screen.

For instance, there’s an address book there, that we are gradually adding everyone’s information to. If you just tried to look at it, you probably reallized that it is password protected. You have to log-in to the site before you can view it. We did that because my mom said to do it that way, and you have to listen to your mom.

This is what an entry looks like.

If you don’t have a username, you can get one by clicking the Register button that is near the bottom of the Sidebar on the right hand side of the screen. You’ll have to answer some questions, and undergo a though background check (we don’t want to let in any rift-raft unless they are family), and wait until someone can look it over.

This is what it looks like

I’m sure you’ll find that some of the information in the Address Book is out of date. When you find something that needs to be changed, you can use the form at the top of the address book to send in the updated information. In fact, you might want to check your own information once you have a username just to make sure it is correct.

2 thoughts on “Address Book

  1. I loged in and only get a place to update information. Nothing that looks like the example, At the bottom of the page it says addresses but when I click it t does nothing:(

  2. Yea! Now magically I can access the addressbook again!!! I see some of my ppl need updating and I will get on that right away! Thakyk you address book farie!

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