Becky’s Change Challenge

Dear Family,

As you have read in Lloyd’s Family Emails about Heit’s Point, I Have Been CHALLENGED. With a lot of thought, this is my response and my challenge back at the Family. HERE I GO…

I am going to confess my DEEP Dark Secret of my Life!!! I am a JAR hoarder!!! I humor myself by filling them with coins. My sister has given me many unique wine and whisky bottles (EMPTY) over the years to fill with coins. 

This was a head shaker for my son when we moved. His dad had to tell him, quote, “Don’t ask, just move them.” The Jars of Coins come with stories throughout my married life. They were backup money for vacations, or taxes, or “give a life lesson to your son about giving….”

My story with my son is a Jar of Dimes. When my son graduated from high school and went off to college, it was very hard for me to come home from work with him not there. I was thankful for Christmas Vacation and his return home. His return came with the statement, “I have no money for Christmas Gifts.”My lesson to him was to sit down at the table and to sort and roll a Jar of Dimes. Then he could take them to the bank and cash them in for Christmas Gift Money. 

That day was great. We laughed. We talked about presents for his dad. We bet on how much money the dimes would make. I got good quality time out of that Jar of Dimes.

This is my answering challenge to Lloyd and Pete: I am giving 1 Jar of Dimes, 1 Jar of Nickels, 1 Jar of Pennies and 1 Jar of Quarters. I challenge you to clean the cupholders in your car and your ashtrays. Give your change to Heit’s Point. Give a week’s allowance. Give what you can because it is getting doubled by our Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. I intend to take their money, and thank you to them for offering it. 

Becky Cary

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