Aunt Bea’s Surgery

Meredith texted me today and said that her grandma, Bea Putnam, is undergoing colon cancer surgery this morning. Actually, the surgery is probably over by now; it started at 7:30.

Please keep Aunt Bea in your prayers. She will be inpatient for 3-5 days at Boone County Hospital, during which time she will also be impatient. Then rehab starts.

They couldn’t remove the cancer, but she still had a procedure today and will remain in the hospital. The next step will be a consultation with her oncologist.

3 thoughts on “Aunt Bea’s Surgery

  1. As Aunt Bea struggles and recovers, I am reminded of what an awesome family we have. We have that because of our love, heritage of love, and our forward thinking of love. As we have lost family members here only to know that they are at the ultimate reunion, I would like to preach – my Grandpa Medler was a preacher you know! For EVERY aunt and uncle I have ( and Grandpa and Grandma) I can tell a story about them that means something to me. For almost every cousin that I have, I can do the same. I feel that this is how a family is close. We know each other. I implore each cousin, second cousin, etc. to have this experience. This is what binds a family – the personal knowledge.God has blessed us all, and continues to do that I hope drives each and every one to our closeness.

  2. Your awesome Pete. Our family is so BLESSED that grandma and grandpa aunts and uncle’s and cousins have filled our hearts with so much LOVE. We shall hug again. Reunion 2021 here we come.

  3. I pray Aunt Bea that you are resting comfortably after your surgery. Your nieces and nephews love you we are all thinking of you and praying for your recovery. Love you Glen and Becky Cary

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