2020 Family reunion planning post

I felt like we didn’t take as long to discuss things after church this year. I don’t know if that’s because I bullied you into things, or if you’d finally come around to my way of thinking. So If there’s something else you want to talk about, please add it as a comment below.


The 4th of July is on a Saturday in 2020, and we decided after church to have our reunion on July 3rd to July 5th. This worked well with the Heit’s Point schedule as well.


I think most people felt like we should have had breakfast together as a group on Saturday. that was certainly the feeling I got from talking to people and what was said after church. The reason most people gave was that it was nearly noon on Saturday before we were all together again, and people ended up cooking for their individual families anyway.

We decided that we would do breakfast on Saturday the same way we did lunch on Saturday. There will be a list of things that people can bring and people can sign up for whatever they would like from the list. I’ll try to make the list somewhat adaptive, so that we bring a reasonable amount of food for the number of people who sign up to come.

This will bring us full circle to everyone saying we had too many meals on Saturday. I don’t see anyway around that. We will try this schedule: breakfast: 7:30, Lunch: 12:00 Supper: 5:30. This moves lunch back an hour and supper back 30 minutes from this year. I think everyone liked having supper earlier than in the past, because we got the softball game in before it got too dark.

Someone suggested adding a “set food out” time to the schedule. It doesn’t actually work to start setting your food out when we are scheduled to eat. having said that, I think we were ready to eat when we said we would be this year. Of course, we didn’t actually eat then, because people were so use to the schedule being off.

Someone should check with Whitney and make sure that doing breakfast this way is okay with TNG cousins, and whether this is okay for Sunday as well.

Aunts & Uncles:

Speaking of meals, Becky and Debbie wanted me to reiterate that we do not want Aunt Margie, Uncle Vernon, Aunt Bea, Uncle Mahlon, Aunt Mary Lynn, Aunt Cleo, Aunt Naomi, Uncle Louie, Aunt Lolly, Uncle Ralph, Uncle Lloyd or Aunt Jane to bring anything on the list. They have done enough. It’s fine for them to just come and enjoy themselves.  I realize that some of them will still want to bring things for the potluck, and this is, of course, entirely fine.


Karaoke: You were surprisingly unanimous in your desire to do a little karaoke next year at the reunion. It was equally surprising to me just how many of you had karaoke machines, so I imagine there will be several available.

Videos: There were a number of you who said that you would like everyone to be able to see the videos that Aunt Naomi (I think) brought to the reunion. We will make sure that we can show them at the pavilion next year. My dad said something about editing out the part about Grandma’s hysterectomy at the meeting after church, but I didn’t see the video and couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not.

Cigars: Once again, Steve did not bring any cigars. I’m just sayin’.

Babies: More babies were requested. Somebody get right on that.

Hugs: I felt like neither Lloyd was hugged enough at the end of the reunion. This was probably my fault, because I’m sure I was a little snippy with everyone at some time during the reunion. I like the reunion more when my sister and Sam & Rachel tell people what to do. We will be moving back to that model next year.

Anything else: Go ahead and add it in the comments.


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  1. I think you were well behaved and cordial for the most part, but I did miss Christina’s bossiness. For the record, I remembered cigars last year and will again.

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