Saturday Lunch Assignments

We decided to go with a somewhat planned lunch instead of a potluck lunch on Saturday. Recall that we are only doing lunch (at 11:00) and supper (at 5:00) this year. Debbie and Becky are bringing the lunch meat, and they gave me a list of everything else that we need to bring. I’m not going to assign people to bring certain things. I’m just going to provide the list and mark things off as people say they can bring that. You can claim your item(s) by either doing a “reply all” to the email your received, or by making a comment below.
Here are the things we need. Claim as many as you want:
  • The meat Debbie & Becky
  • Mao/Miracle Whip and Mustard Becky & Debbie
  • Cheese (3 packages) Vetter family
  • Cheese (3 packages) Derick & Maxine Sommerer
  • Cheese (3 packages, cut if block, not if cubes -unless you want to) Steve and Melanie
  • Grapes Vetter family
  • Grapes
  • Watermelon (better bring a knife to cut it with too) James& Anne Miller
  • Cookies (2 dozen or so)  Vetter family
  • Cookies (2 dozen or so)  Aunt Lolly & Uncle Ralph
  • Chips – potato or otherwise (3 bags) Vetter family (Doritos)
  • Chips – potato or otherwise (3 bags)  Aunt Lolly & Uncle Ralph
  • Chips – anything but potato (3 bags) Scott Sommerer
  • Juice boxes (a flat?) Amanda and Justin (pending approval)
  • Juice boxes (a flat?) Meridith & Scott
  • Soda (a cooler?) Uncle Vernon, Mary Jane & Ron
  • Bread (4 loafs) Vetter family
  • Bread (4 loafs) Aunt Lolly & Uncle Ralph
  • Bread (4 loafs) Aaron Sommerer
  • Lettuce (2 heads) James and Anne Miller & Ken Williams
  • Lettuce (2 heads) Uncle Lloyd & Aunt Jane
  • Onions (1 bag, sliced) Sam & Rachel
  • Tomatoes (a dozen? sliced) Danny & Denise
  • Black olives (4 cans sliced) James and Anne Miller & Ken Williams
  • Green Olives (2 jars) James and Anne Miller & Ken Williams
  • Pickle slices, (1 jar dill) Peter & Judy
  • Pickles (2 jar dill & sweet) Doug and Mel
  • Carrots (3 bags) Uncle Lloyd & Aunt Jane
  • Carrots (3 bags) Lloyd Jr. and Lauren (for the ranch dressing?)
  • Cauliflower (2 heads, cut up) Derek & Maxine Sommerer
  • Oranges (2 bags) Linda Lock
  • Apples (2 bags) Linda Lock
  • Other fruit (2 bags) Cantaloupe & Honeydew melons James and Anne Miller & Ken Williams
  • Jalapenos (1 jar) Micky and Tammy Sommerer
  • Ranch Dressing (1 bottle) Lloyd Jr. and Lauren (Debbie always had us bring this, so it’s a tradition)
  • Candy! Tons and tons of candy Merideth & Scott
  • potato salad someone (I can’t remember who)
  • Anything else you want to make (tuna salad, potato salad, salad salad…) –let me know
If everything on the list is taken, just pick out something that you think would be nice to have for lunch and bring that. tell me what it is and I’ll add it to the list.

33 thoughts on “Saturday Lunch Assignments

  1. Lloyd, I don’t understand this. I thought the idea of having a later breakfast and an earlier supper meant we wouldn’t have to mess with fixing that third meal at noon, and taking away the time people would be enjoying swimming and ect. ?????

    • Aunt Lolly, We decided after church last year that we liked just having two meals on Saturday, but that we would do Lunch and supper instead of breakfast and supper. I don’t remember the reasons that people gave for wanting to do Lunch and Supper instead of Breakfast and supper, but they must have made sense, since we all agreed.

  2. I told my family members that we would have a big breakfast and an early big dinner, so they should bring their snacks/whatever they want (if they are hungry at noon) for lunch. I think we will stay with this. I hope that is okay. I think we could use the time to visit instead of all that food prep and then having to lug it there and take it home. I vote for keeping things simple.

    • That’s a good way to think about it, and I think that had a lot to do with this decision. instead of people working on getting breakfast ready for an hour or more, we’ll do whatever we want for breakfast (your family’s plans work perfectly for this, and you probably had it in mind). then instead of a lot of work for lunch, we’ll each bring 1 or 2 things and lunch will be easy. We will set it up at the pavilion at 11:00 then everyone can go swimming. You are, of course, welcome to stick with your original plans for lunch. but this should be quick and easy.

  3. So these two meals were an early lunch and early supper, instead of breakfast and supper. There will be no breakfast fixed on Sat. morning. is this correct?

  4. Okay. Then should we redo our meal reservations (because the choices were breakfast and dinner). If so, put us down for 9 for breakfast on Sunday, 10 for Saturday evening meal and I will bring some of the items on the list for lunch Saturday. If this is not right, let me know. I am so confused!

    • Aunt Naomi, Okay, I will change how many will be at supper on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday. Let me know which items you want to bring from the list and I will cross them off, so that no one else brings them.

  5. 3 pkg cheese, 4 sandwich loaves bread, 2 bags Doritos, bag of grapes, 4 dozen cookies and this covers all my kids so they don’t have to bring anything.

  6. Thank you for clearing this up for us Lloyd. Ralph and I will bring 4 loaves of bread and 3 bags of potato Chips, and some cookies.

  7. Mary Jane/Ron/Vernon will bring a cooler with 6-8 2 L bottles of pop, as they say west of Jeff City—soda to the rest of us—and juices, iced down in a cooler. Might I suggest tuna salad, potato salad, and green salad be added to the list?

  8. Please sign me up for a FLAT of juice boxes and candy… that’s always a swimming sensation! Not the healthiest, but let Aunt Mer spoil those kids. =)

    • I’m checking to see if Mary Jane is okay giving up one of her long term life goals of bring juice boxes to the family reunion. If that’s okay with her, then they are good to go.

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