2019 Reunion Planning Post


The 4th of July falls on a Thursday next year. The majority of people said that they wanted to come July 5 – July 7, Friday to Sunday (like “normal”). There were maybe 10 people who wanted to come on Thursday and make a longer weekend out of it. Since then, there is another group that wants to hold a family event at Heit’s Point on the 4th. Christina has asked Heit’s Point to hold a couple of rooms at the Spitz Center and the Lodge for our family to use on the 4th of July. If you would like someplace to stay on Thursday night, please let Christina know within the week.

Spitz Center vs. Pavilion:

We decided not to immediately make a choice on whether to use the Spitz Center or the Pavilion. We would like to just be in one place, and if it looks like the kitchen in the Pavilion will accommodate our needs, then we will plan on using the Pavilion. The Pavilion, providing the kitchen and restrooms are good enough, would be our first choice. If it does not look like the Pavilion will accommodate our needs, we will look at just using the Spitz Center.


People generally agreed that having 2 meals worked out better than having 3 meals. I don’t think anyone went hungry. We decided that instead of Breakfast and Supper, we would do Lunch and Supper next year. That means an earlier Lunch and Supper at, more or less, the same time as this year. Breakfast, in as much as you want to eat breakfast will be on your own on Saturday. We have not made any definite plans about breakfast on Sunday at this point.


For at least the last 4 years (that’s how far back I checked) we have had church at 11:00. We will have church at 10:00 next year. Someone will have to wake Steveup. In the past, we’ve tried to have everything cleaned up before church. We will have to see how that works next year.

We decided that Peter was going to be in charge next year. Hold on to your hats everyone.

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