Family Reunion Update

Sorry this update has been so long in coming. You should really hire someone else. It turns out that there are very few people (at least among those who responded) who plan on sticking around past church on Sunday. So we’ve changed the schedule and meal plans to reflect that. In a nutshell, the changes are:

  • Friday add a potluck for supper (bring main dish and sides)
  • Friday add a Homerun Derby
  • Saturday all of the evening things were moved back 30 minutes
  • Saturday to help celebrate Becky & Glenn’s 40th wedding anniversary, everyone should wear blue pastel and pink pastel after the ball game (or anytime, really)
  • Sunday times for things were switched back to our normal¬†Sunday times
  • Sunday breakfast was therefore added back to the mix
  • Sunday afternoon was removed
  • Monday was removed

Sorry for not getting this information out to you sooner.

4 thoughts on “Family Reunion Update

  1. Everybody keep an eye on the weather. Saturday’s high is only going to be around 72 and thunderstorms are forecast.

  2. I am looking for a phone number for Kenny Williams, or one of his girls. Please call our home phone number, 660-433-0136 if you have this.

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