Things I Remember Fondly… by Aunt Sis (part 7)

When the depression hit about 1929 the winter was bad and the hens couldn’t lay many egg.  Christmas gifts were only given to the younger members of the family.  Theresa asked what I really wanted.  One thing I said was a ring with a red set.  I got that and a light blue opal necklace also, I felt I was certainly blessed!  Opal my birth stone!  Adolph saw I could make Christmas wreaths out of cedar branches and add red crepe paper bows, he asked me to make more and he took them to market on Saturdays to sell to customers for 25 cents each to buy Christmas gifts for the little ones under 6 years at home.

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  1. Elizabeth, Erhardt,(Bud) Felix, Margie, Vernon, along with Lillian and Beatrice who was 2 months old Christmas of1929 was the whole family at that time and thet were still living at the first place. The first place being where the sons of Robert Meier are living. Robert was the son of our auntYetta , who was the sister of our father Adolph Sommerer. Times w ere bad all our lives but I don’t remember. A Christmas without gifts and fruit to eat courtesy of our brothers and sisters.thank you all.

  2. I appreciate Lillian’s stories so much. They give us younger siblings an idea of what their life was like. It never ceases to amaze me at how inventive Mother and Daddy were, in order to make a little extra for the family.

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