Vince Vetter is with Jesus

Vince Vetter died yesterday in his home in Texas.  Please keep Deanne in your prayers as well as their children Dalton, Kaymen and Prescott. And, of course, our hearts go out to Aunt Naomi, Uncle Louis and the whole Vetter family.


The Funeral will be held on Friday, February 20th at 2pm at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. The address is:

Fellowship Church
2450 State Hwy 121
Grapevine, TX 76051.  Here’s a map.

There is still some uncertainty as to the cause of death, and autopsies are still being conducted, so the body will not be available for the funeral. At a later date half of Vince’s ashes will be spread on his hunting ground in Oklahoma where he worked together with his boys and took them hunting and fishing. The other half will be spread at the Osage River where he enjoyed so much in life. Where he fished and skied in his youth and where he returned year after year as an adult.

There will be a Memorial Service / Celebration of Life at the Osage River on Sunday, July 19th sometime in the afternoon. It will probably be a barbecue type of event with all of Aunt Naomi’s family and all of Uncle Louie’s family and all of their close friends invited. More details will be shared when they are available.

Dalton, Deanne, Kaymen, Vince & Prescott. (click to enlarge)

Prescott, Deanne, Kaymen, Vince & Dalton. (click to enlarge)

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9 thoughts on “Vince Vetter is with Jesus

  1. Vince was a Wonderful Friend – The World will be Less of a Happy Place without that Big Smile – I pray for his Family as the Days move forward – God Speed My Friend

  2. I wanted to break the collective speechlessness of the last week. I too feel helpless and miniscule to offer much more than prayer at a time like this, simply trusting that God will help all find peace.

    However, I have asked Aunt Naomi to put into her own words for us the Vince she knows, as his mother, and who she would love for all of us to understand and remember. Aunt Naomi is such a strong person for others, I hope doing this will be helpful to her as well. No details needed, just a mother’s loving recollection, for the rest of us to hold in our hearts till we see him in Heaven.

    Have there been suggestions for flowers or scholarship funds from the family, or individually?

  3. Thank you Mary Jane. That is so uplifting. I know everyone is wondering, so the obituary memorial information should be in the paper tomorrow (Wed.) We were late with everything because of the weekend with a holiday on each end of it…4 days late with the obituary. I’ll try to find something I had written years ago about Vince.

  4. Vince and Phil did everything together when they were little. I can’t separate Vince’s stories from Phil’s because they were always alike. I’ll send more paragraphs later. My story on Vince is 3 pages long in the document folder.

    I took a weekend trip to Kansas City to visit my friend, Evelyn Parris. I had employed my nieces, Debbie and Becky Sommerer to care for the children while I was gone. I think Vince and Phil were about three and four then, and Derrick was not yet one and Greg was five. I felt it would take two babysitters to watch them all weekend. The girls had put Vince and Phil in their room for them to take their nap. (This was told to me later.) Vince and Phil opened the window, took the screen and storm window out, and crawled out the window to go play.

  5. Vince will be sorely missed by us all. I can remember his smile and great attitude, cheering us all
    up and on. Much love and prayers for him and all his wonderfully dear family.

  6. Thank you family, so much for your prayers and thoughts. I know I speak for my siblings and parents when I say we all lost a part of our heart last week. Vince was always smiling, laughing and joking with us. My greatest memories will be of his great laugh and his love for his family. He was an amazing brother and son and will be missed more than any of us can express. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

  7. When I think of this precious, beautiful, loving, handsome nephew of mine, it is so hard to express how sad and lost I feel for his going ahead of his parents, Aunts, Uncles. It’s just not right. I keep asking, why? Lord. I know what it is to loose a child, it is such sorrow, the kind that only Jesus can get you through, but it takes a long time. We have only HIM to cling to in times like this, so we will cling to God’s promise that ( All things work together for good, to those who love the Lord.) I want to share a story about Vincent and Phil, that I always think about and smile. When Naomi was in the hospital having Derrick, I kept the boys. I don’t remember having Greg, If I did he was out playing with Doug somewhere. Vince and Phil were in the kitchen playing, I kept them close to me because, If they got outside they might go out on the road, they were so small. Phil was close to 3years and Vince almost 2years. They were such beautiful babies. Phil was blond, and Vince had dark hair, they were both strong stout little boys. I had to go down to the basement, so I sent them ahead of me, and said I would be right down.Two minuets later I was walking down the stairs and I smelled bleach. I got down stairs, and Phil and Vince were both scrubbing the floor with a broom and mop. They had dumped out my bottle of bleach on the floor. They were both bare footed, had no clothes on but shorts. I was scared to death. I smelled their breath. Thank God they had not drank any of it. I grabbed one under each arm and run up the stairs with them, put them in the wash tub, and run water to wash them off. After I had calmed down, I began asking them what in the world they were doing with my bleach. Vince looked at me and said.” Well, you should have had it up high so we couldn’t get too it!!!!!” I started to tell him that I didn’t have any little boys that I had to hide my bleach from. Then I realized that I was trying to defend my actions to a two year old!!! So I sat back and had a good laugh. After that I always put my bleach up high!! They were such smart, precious boys with eyes that twinkled and smiles that melted your heart. They will always be precious too me. I love, and miss you Vincent. Your Aunt Lolly

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