Labor Day at Uncle Lloyd’s House 1993

I took a lot of VHS tapes from Aunt Jane & Uncle Lloyd’s basement last Christmas. I did a really good job of getting right on editing them too. I had about a dozen reasonably nice videos done by January 6th when school started up again. Then I completely forgot about them. I’ll start adding them to the Photo Friday mix.

I didn’t include all of the footage from these. My idea was to create some fairly short videos that include just the “high lights” of each event. There is a link below the video if you want to see the larger sized version.

CLICK HERE FOR FULL SCREEN VIDEO (close window to stop full screen)

6 thoughts on “Labor Day at Uncle Lloyd’s House 1993

  1. Thank you Lloyd Jr. It made me cry. Alma is gone now, also Bud and Felix and Elizabeth. If Justin is on the picture he is not with us any longer, also Mother. This means so much to our family. Thank you . I think that 2 year old marching here and there is my youngest grandson Shawn who is studying at Lincoln Univ. He will be a nurse soon.

  2. yet she on earth has union with God the three in one; and mystic sweet communion with those whose rest is won; o blessed heavenly chorus, lord save us by your grace; that we like those before us may see you face to face. SS

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