Mandatory Drug Testing (Saturday Lunch)

Good news everyone. Just because Aunt Naomi can’t make it to the family reunion this year doesn’t mean that we won’t continue to have mandatory drug testing at the Spitz Center. Kathy  Meisinger has graciously agreed to be in charge this year.

This year’s mandatory drug testing will take place on Saturday once again. The testing will cost $9.00 which includes the cost of the meal. You should let Kathy know no later than June 14th so that she can finalize arrangements with Heit’s Point.

So far this is the list of people (if your name is on the list you don’t have to contact Kathy):

  • Aunt Cleo
  • Aunt Bea
  • Cousin Bill
  • Uncle Vernon
  • Mary Jane and Ron
  • Aunt Marjorie
  • Kathy and Loren
If there are people in your branch of the family who don’t check the website, please give them a call and see if they would like to eat lunch at the Spitz Center on Saturday instead of at The Dock. When you find out, you can email Kathy at or just reply in the comments below. 

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