Reunion 2014 (Meal Information)

Below is the information about meals for the 2014 Sommerer Family Reunion.  If you are looking for the rest of the information on the reunion, You can click here.

General Meal Note:

Remember that for the potlucks you should bring enough food for everyone who comes to the reunion with you. The reunion is an extra day long this year so we will need to bring more food than last year. We ran out of meat last year because we had many people show up to the Saturday night meal who did not tell anyone they would be there. To keep that from happening again, we are asking for the number of people coming with you when you give Christina your reservation information. If you’re not staying the night, remember that we still need to know how many people are coming for meals  this should include any friends your children wish to bring.  If you need to add to this number at a later date, be sure you let Christina know before June 20th so the wonderful people who actually purchase the food are able to get enough for everyone.

Breakfast (8:30 a.m. at the pavilion)

  • Friday, July 4 :  Biscuits & gravy – breakfast prep will begin at 7:30 am
  • Saturday, July 5: Eggs, Sausage & Hash browns – breakfast prep will begin at 7am.
  • Sunday, July 6: Breakfast casserole & donuts – please bring some fruit to share at breakfast – breakfast prep will begin at 7 am.

The cooks will begin at 7:30 on Friday and 7:00 on Saturday  & Sunday please come help!

Lunch (noon at the Lake)

These lunches are being coordinated by Becky and Debbie.  You will receive a note from them with your requested donation.  If you have any questions please call them directly at: 573.796-3879 (Becky) or 816.645.5961 (Debbie).

  • Friday, July 4: Sandwiches
  • Saturday, July 5: Sandwiches
  • Sunday, July 6: On your own

Lunch (at Spitz Center) UPDATED

There will be a lunch at the Spitz Center on Saturday.  Kathy is in charge and she will need to know if you and yours are going to eat lunch at the Spitz Center by June 14th. The cost is $9.00 and includes a free drug testing and psych evaluation (or so I’ve heard). More information is available here.

  • Saturday, July 5

Dinner (5:30 p.m. at the Pavilion)

On Friday evening main dishes, as well as sides and desserts are needed to share.  On Saturday, meat will be provided; only side dishes and desserts are needed.

  • Thursday, July 3: on your own
  • Friday, July 4 : Potluck (bring main dishes & sides/desserts)
  • Saturday, July 5: Potluck (bring sides/desserts)
  • Sunday, July 6: On your own

Feel free to post any question or comments below –or call Christina at (636) 485-1369. Then check out the general informationreservation information and schedule.

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  1. Tina,

    Josh won’t be able to make it this time, so deduct him from the lodging count. But Katie and Vince will be there, and each is bringing one guest (as originally planned). Got Debbie’s postcard today. Will bring our items for lunch at the dock, but won’t arrive till Friday evening so please let her know the onions and chips will not arrive till then either. lol. See you soon!

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