Reunion 2014 (Reservation Information)

Below is the information about lodging for the 2014 Sommerer Family Reunion.  If you are looking for the rest of the information on the reunion, You can click here.

NOTE 1: In order to get an accurate count for meal planning, we are asking for reservations even if you do not need lodging. use the same form at the bottom of the page, just ignore the lodging parts.

NOTE 2: Heit’s Point has had a price increase for the first time in many years. Please note the change in prices for all locations. To help save you a bit of money, children UNDER 15 will stay free with their parents at all locations.

Note 3: You can start making reservations on May 1st and all reservations should be in by May 31st.

Here are your lodging options:

Campsites: (Still Available) 

9 campsites available with full electric hookup; even numbers are inside the loop, odd on the outside. Cost is $22.00 per camper/RV per night and that includes 1 free tent. Additional tents are $11.00 each.

  • Site 1: Danny Sommerer
  • Site 2: Debbie Hauser
  • Site 3: (still available)
  • Site 4:(still available)
  • Site 5: (still available)
  • Site 6: (still available)
  • Site 7: (still available)
  • Site 8: (still available)
  • Site 10: (still available)

Spitz Center

13 fully furnished rooms, all with private baths. Cost is $70.00 per night for 1 or 2 guests with a $16.00 additional charge for each guest after the first 2.  I have allotted rooms to the Aunts & Uncles in the Spitz Center already, but that does not mean that the Aunts & Uncles don’t need to contact me.  If I do not hear from the Aunts & Uncles (or their designated representatives) by May 15th, I will open their room up to other family members.

Spitz Center rooms on the main level:

  • Room 300 queen bed & queen sleeper sofa (sleeps 4 total)Cleo Howard
  • Room 302 queen bed & queen sleeper sofa (sleeps 4 total) Mahlon & Marylynn Sommerer
  • Room 304 queen bed & queen sleeper sofa (sleeps 4 total) Lloyd & Jane Sommerer
  • Room 306 queen bed & queen sleeper sofa (sleeps 4 total) Kathy & Loren Meisinger (Friday & Saturday)
  • Room 308 queen bed & queen sleeper sofa (sleeps 4 total – HANDICAPPED Room) Aunt Margie (Friday & Saturday)
  • room 310 queen bed & queen sleeper sofa (sleeps 4 total HANDICAPPED Room)  Aunt Bea (Saturday only)
  • room 312 queen bed & queen sleeper sofa (sleeps 4 total) Ralph & Lolly Sommerer
  • Day Spring room has 2 queen sleeper sofa (sleeps 4 total) (still available)
  • Living Waters room queen bed & 2 bunks (sleeps 6 total) Uncle Vernon

Spitz Center rooms on the lower level:

  • Room 200 queen bed & 2 bunkbeds (sleeps 6 total) Bill & Jane Putnam
  • Room 202 queen bed & 2 bunkbeds (sleeps 6 total) Steve & Melanie Sommerer
  • Room 204 queen bed, queen sofa bed & 1 bunkbed (sleeps 6 total) Linda Lock & Family
  • Room 206 queen bed, queen sofa bed & 1 bunkbed (sleeps 6) Dave & Joni Sommerer

Gospel Hostel (each unit sleeps 12)

Each of the 4 bunkrooms contain six bunk beds and private bathrooms.  Each room sleeps 12 and is air conditioned.  There is a common room that connects these. Must provide own bedding and towels. First night cost: $64.00 (for up to 4 guests) additional guests, after the first 4, will cost $16.00 each. Cost after the first night: $44.00 (for up to 4 guests) additional guests, after the first 4, will cost $11.00 each.

  • Matthew -front left – Merideth & Scott Nitzel & family
  • Mark -front right – Julie & Greer Baker & family
  • Luke -back left (still available)
  • John -back right (still available)

Blunk House (each room sleeps 14-16)

Each of the 4 bunkrooms contain seven to eight bunk beds.  All rooms share dormitory style bathrooms. Each room sleeps 14-16 people, is air conditioned, with common room in front. Must provide own bedding and towels. First night cost: $64.00 (for up to 4 guests) additional guests, after the first 4, will cost $16.00 each. Cost after the first night: $44.00 (for up to 4 guests) additional guests, after the first 4, will cost $11.00 each.

  • A Pete & Judy Sommerer
  • B  – Katie Sommerer (for now) & Vince Sommerer (and friends)
  • (still available)
  • D Sam & Rachel and Lloyd & Lauren

The Lodge

Ideal for large extended family to stay in one location. 6 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 1 queen sofa-sleeper.  Full kitchen & air condition. Sleeps 12 with room for travel baby beds. Cost is $75.00 per night for 1-2 guests. Additional guests will cost $16.00 each.

  • The Lodge – Becky & Glenn Cary & Family

Non-Lodging Reservations

We are listing people/groups here who are coming for one or more days, but who will not require lodging at Heit’s Point. This is to ensure that we have an accurate count for purchasing food. If you know someone who is coming, but not spending the night, tell them about this, because it is new.

  1. 7 extra people for Saturday’s dinner, but she didn’t tell me who yet
  2. .
  3. .
  4. .
  5. .
  6. .
  7. .

Making Reservations (May 1st)

When you call, email, write (or post below) to Christina with your reservation information, she will ask you the following questions. If you are not prepared to answer them, she will make fun of you…

  1. When will you arrive?
    • Thursday, 7/3
    • Friday, 7/4
    • Saturday, 7/5
  2. How many nights you are staying
  3. If you are staying at Heit’s Point, where do you want to stay (your choices are listed above)?
  4. If camping, how many tents will be on your site?
  5. If you are not camping, how many people (15 and over) will be staying with you each night?
    • Thursday  _____
    • Friday _____
    • Saturday _____
  6. How many people (all ages) will be eating each of the following meals (we need to know how much food to buy)
  • Friday breakfast  _____
  • Friday lunch (at dock)  _____
  • Saturday breakfast _____
  • Saturday lunch (at dock) _____
  • Saturday dinner _____
  • Sunday breakfast _____

Feel free to post any question or comments below –or call Christina at (636) 485-1369. Then check out the general information,  meal information and schedule.

19 thoughts on “Reunion 2014 (Reservation Information)

  1. Also, by waiting until May 1st to do reservations, we thought we could get all of the information at once. It is more work for Christina if she has to do everything 2 or 3 times.

    It’s better to take the next 3 weeks and confirm the dates and times, figure out just what lodging you need (if any) and how many people will be there for each meal.

    We realize that this is not the most convenient for you. It is much easier for you to post the information that you know and add more later. But there are a lot of us, and it’s a lot easier for Christina if we are organized and give her everything at once.

    Besides, she is just a little bit busy this time of year.

  2. Tina, please reserve room 206 for Dave and I, plus Doug and Mel, and John and Leah (both under 15). Give me the bill for the room, please. Friday and Saturday nights.

    Please also reserve Blunk B for my kids (Katie + Anthony, Vince + Tanza). Joseph too. Not sure about Josh. Will let you know about meals as it gets a bit closer and kids find out their work schedules, etc. 🙂

  3. I’d say count us all in for all three meals Saturday, plus Sunday breakfast. That should be pretty close, and will communicate any changes when it gets closer. (Approx 11-12 people for my fam plus Doug/Mel fam.)

  4. Christina, Uncle Ralph and I will stay 3 nights at the Spitz Center in room 312. We will eat breakfast 3 mornings, and Dinner in the evenings on Friday and Saturday. We will bring our own lunch for noon meals. Thank you for all you do for us. Aunt Lolly

  5. Reservation Information for Lloyd, Lauren, Sam, Rachel, Anna & Gracen:

    1. Arriving Thursday 7/3
    2. Staying 3 nights
    3. Blunk House (same one as last year, or whichever is available)
    4. Not Camping
    5. Thursday: 4,
    Friday: 4,
    Saturday: 4
    6. Friday breakfast 6
    Friday lunch (at dock) 6
    Saturday breakfast 6
    Saturday lunch (at dock) 6
    Saturday dinner 6
    Sunday breakfast 6

    • B is taken, and I don’t know the layout of the Blunk house…..last year were you on the same side as Pete & Judy, The Dittmers or Dave & Joni (kids maybe?)?

  6. oh boy I hope I get this right because you know Pete cannot handle this
    1.We want to reserve a room at the Blunk house please
    2.arriving on Friday there will be 6 adults
    3.arriving on Sat there will be an additional 4 adults that will be staying 1 night.
    4.only 2 for Friday breakfast
    5.maybe 10 on Sat. for breakfast depending if they will get up or not!
    6.Friday lunch on the dock 10
    7.Friday night pot luck right?
    8.Saturday breakfast 10
    9.Saturday lunch on the dock 15
    10.Sat dinner 154
    11. Sat breakfast about 10 again if they get up to join us.

  7. ok so there will not be 154people for dinner on Sat Christina. I think I figured only 16. Ten adults and 4 children

  8. Christina, Can we get the dayspring room for Fri & Sunday? We’ll eat 3 meals Saturday but not Sunday. The kids are Daniel, Ezra and Micah ages 6,4,2. Thanks, Steve

  9. Hi Tina, I did give these numbers and info but it may have been slightly before the May 1st date so here it goes again.

    Please reserve the site 1 camp area, the one we always use for our truck and trailer.

    We will arrive after breakfast on July 4th the Friday. We can/will bring food, whatever we can for the dock if that’s what we are doing this year. Just let us know. There will be right now, 8 of us for staying in the trailer and at meals. We will be helping cook whatever needed and when we can. We will leave after church on Sunday. Chances Emily, and Whitni’s Josh will be with us this year. Please let us know if we can get anything and bring it along as far as food-meals. Thank you very much. Danny

  10. My request is also under the Reserve a Spot for the Dayspring room on Fri and Sat night for 3 kids and meals on Saturday only. It doesn’t show on the site but you probably have it. Thanks for all you do, Steve

    • Steve, Just a quick question…..are you sure you don’t want room 202, which is also still available. Dayspring ONLY has two fold out couches. 202 has a queen bed and two sets of bunk beds.

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