Aunt Lolly’s Story (part 9)

We walked two miles to school at Oak Grove. When I was in fourth grade, the bus started picking us up. We had to walk 1/2 mile up the road to the mail box. When we walked to Oak Grove, we had two creeks to cross, and Goetz’s and Otto’s cows to worry about. We were so scared of them. We would walk miles out of our way if the cows were anywhere near our path. For some reason, they always chased us if they saw us. Our lives were never dull! If it rained and the creeks were up, we had to walk upstream about a mile before we could cross. We ate rabbit grass in the spring on the way home from school, and possum grapes, black hulls, persimmons and huckberries in the fall. Cleo and I were janitors at Oak Grove. We got_paid 10-15 dollars a month. We had to sweep the floors, clean blackboards and carry in fresh water each day. We would run all the way home then so we could listen to our soap opera “Just Plain Bill”. It came on the radio at 4:15 PM.

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  1. At that time it was really hard for us. But I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything! Kid’s lives are so hum-drum now days!

  2. One day before I started milking. Mother locked the radio in the front room, so we would do our work and not listen to the radio. We took the screen off the window and opened the window and took the radio out and listened to it while we did our work and then put it back before she finished. Does anybody remember that besides me?

  3. Lloyd would like to know who paid you? Lloyd thinks the teacher probably did not make more than $ 50 a month. Mahlon told Lloyd that the teacher paid him to make fires and whatever else he had to do.

  4. I thought our pay came from the school board President, Who I thought was Mr. Ted Engelbrecht at that time. After I quit Oak Grove, Deloras and Babrara Rose were the janitors.

  5. Our family should meet in the winter time to sing, drink some beer and smoke Uncle Lloyds Swisher Sweet Cigars. I think the last ones I smoked must have been some of the tobacco he raised on the farm.. Ha

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