Things I remember about Theresa & Adolph Sommerer… by Aunt Sis (part 6)

Adolph, my Dad, took Elizabeth and  to school my first day.  I was too young but it was 3 miles, Theresa & Adolph thought I should go with Elizabeth her first year at East Union. (Though she had been to Kindergarten the year before in Jefferson City.)  So I was 4 1/2 almost walking all that way to keep my sister from being alone.

But to my surprise, one time a year or so after I was sure God had me there to protect her… that was a bit scary but something we would do like telling each other to “LOOK OUT” there’s a big snake in the road, so we would keep our distance and throw rocks till they would slither away.  The big time was a fall day when she felt bad, had a headache and stomach ache and had to set down beside the road a while, then we thought we better hurry on, but “she decided” we would go back the way we came from school.  That’s the way home, she said.  I knew better and tried everything I knew to set her straight, BUT NO!  So we started walking back toward school and I was sure it was up to God, as I had to stay with her.

Then we heard a team of horses and a wagon!  Thank the Lord, it was Fred Sommerer.  The young fellow, pretty smart, figured out the situation quick and told us to get in the wagon.  WHEE! was I glad, but Elizabeth wouldn’t get in and she got angry and cried.  Fred tied the horses reins and jumped down and put her under his arm like a sack of wheat with her legs and arms flailing then he took us the last 2 miles home.  Soon as Theresa heard the story she called Dr. Hill and he told mom what to do as Elizabeth was delirious and coming down with the flu.  Dr. Hill came out that night and she was soon well.  Boy, don’t tell me the Lord won’t hear your call for Help, HE WILL HEAR!

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  1. These stories are amazing. 3 mile walk to school! As a 4 1/2 year oldA !Ophelia just turned 5, and we make a big deal about running a lap around the track each day for fitness. Wait ’til I tell her that her great grandmother walked the equivalent of 24 laps each school day! With snakes none the less!

  2. Mahlon says he walked 7 1/2 miles to Honey Creek for several years. The younger siblings walked at least two and maybe three miles to Oak Grove. Nathan how many laps is that? Times have certainly changed….

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