Heit’s Point Reunion 2013

Reunion 2013

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We will play the “who’s who” game at a later date. For now, why don’t you write about:

  1. Something that you enjoyed about the weekend.
  2. Something unexpected that happened.
  3. Something you learned about someone else that you didn’t know (or maybe remember).
  4. Something funny (bonus points if it involved Pete –double points for both Pete & Uncle Ralph).
  5. Anything else you want to say.

7 thoughts on “Heit’s Point Reunion 2013

  1. My focus was to try to get know (and hopefully remember) as many of the great-greats as possible. I made some progress in that endeavor. If they don’t come to fast…maybe I can keep up!! It’s amazing that our family gets together like this. So many don’t …so sad. Unexpected? I can’t think of anything…unexpected with our group??? Are you kidding????

  2. I loved the weather this year. It was a blessing to see so many young people there. Thank you to all that made it happen, from the smallest talent show to those who coordinated and worked so hard. You are each a blessing.

  3. Yeah, the weather was amazing. Uncle Lloyd said that you can expect weather like that in July about once a decade, so I’m looking forward to it again.

    I’d say the size of the pavilion was unexpected. I’m pretty sure that we had more people at the reunion than ever before, but there was so much more room that it really didn’t seem like it.

  4. I think the size of the pavillion was the biggest surprise for me. and the wonderful large kitchen/ air conditioning, was a real treat. I like the idea someone had of assigning people to the clean up jobs, so the same people don’t get stuck doing all of it. I loved getting to know all the new babies, and new family members who came this year. It was so woderful to see you. Please come next year. I missed all of Elizabeth’s family and Felix’s family.Blessings to you all.

  5. This was our first year staying in the gospel house, Matthew. It was great for the little ones to run around in the commons area. We also ran into other family when we had to give the boys their naps because of the commons area. The pavilion was very impressive! There was so much room. It was so nice seeing everyone. I’m so thankful for the cool weather this year as well. I don’t want to get myself in trouble telling any funny stories… It was a fun year though.

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