Things I remember about Theresa & Adolph Sommerer… by Aunt Sis (part 5)

Aunt Leona’s son Henry was a young married man in 1940 and Theresa’s sixth child, a boy was 14, each were plowing in fields on either side of the Honey Creek.  (Very happy Christian farmers) Aunt Leona’s son Henry was singing on his side of the Honey Creek (at the top of his lungs) and in GERMAN, “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation.” While Theresa’s son Vernon was singing in English on the other side just as loud, the very same words.  Vernon said he enjoyed those times a lot.

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  1. I called Vernon to read this article to him and he said that in those days they plowed with horses. If they were plowing with tractors they wouldn’t been able to hear one another. This was when we lived at Selma’s place. I can remember Henry Beck singing out in the fields. He sang a lot and had a beautiful voice. He really led the singing in church.That is one of my memories from my childhood.

  2. There is a young man at our church who has the most beautiful voice you ever heard. I noticed in our church directory that his last name was Beck. I asked him if he knew or was related to any Beck’s around Honey Creek. He said yes, and after some investigation we found out that he is related to Henry Beck (thus the singing voice inherited). I think it goes way back to us both having the same great, great or something like that. It is truly a small world!

    • The gentelman that Naomi is talking about is a gradson of Aunt Julie, who was mother’s oldest sister. Aunt Julie Erhardt Married a Krueger.I cant remember his first name( If anyone wants to know I will look it up)His mother was Aunt Julies youngest daughter Ester. Ester married a Beck. If you need to know his name I will look it up

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