Heits Point Date Change Thoughts

I am just curious if we have ever discussed having the reunion over Memorial weekend?  Seems like this would guarantee us having a full three days to visit each year.

That way we would have time for softball games and volleyball games and talent shows and singing.  Plus some time to sleep in a little bit since it is vacation.

I guess I thought it all went by too quickly this weekend.  Oh, and it might be a few degrees cooler so we can hang out at the pavillion and roastmarshmallows in comfort.

Any thoughts?


12 thoughts on “Heits Point Date Change Thoughts

    • the water temp doesn’t matter to kids…..every year they go swim at the Spitz center and the water in there is about 50 degrees!

      • This year the water was actually very warm…..we were happy when we got in a cold spot. Of course, there could have just been more pee in the water than last year!

  1. We could still do a float trip in June or July. I love sitting around a campfire in the fall! Maybe first week in October for heirs point. Or Columbus day whenever that is.

  2. Mahlon says he’s open to a change of date…lots of questions to be answered about the actual date change and availability of services. Go for it!

  3. If it works out for the majority, we are up to changing to another holiday weekend. I like the ideal of three days instead of two. When you have to travel some distance to get there,two days goes by fast. I like the three day holiday change.

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