Heit’s Point Reunion 2012

Sommerer Family Renion 2012

How many can you name?

Here we go….(left to right)

  • On the Blankets:
  • Brothers and Sister:
  • Standing behind the old people: 
  • Up on the Benches:
  • People Standing on the Table:

How did you do????

If I have any of the names wrong, just learn to go by that name because that’s what we are all calling you from now on! (just kidding, let me know and I will correct it)

If you would like to have a copy of this picture, I have uploaded all of my pictures to Walmart’s Photo Center and you can pick and choose whatever you would like to order.

You will have to sign up for a Wal-mart account to order prints.  You have the option of picking them up at your local Wal-mart or have them shipped directly to you.  You can also print them in one hour if you wish.  Be sure to look at the cropped photos before you print your pictures.  The ones taken sideways crop funny, but I could not do a permanent fix on them.  Also on the 8×10 photos, make sure it is centered before you print.  Enjoy the photos!

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