Things I Remember Fondly… by Aunt Sis (part 5)

The garden of Eden was always taked about by Adolph, Herbert, Dora, and Grandpa Matthias.  When the children wer young they crossed the Moreau river, with orchard plants and berry’s it was a little piece of property they would not use otherwise.  then, once when I was about 8 Adolph took us children over in the jon boat, we got to see all the trees full of cherry’s, peaches, pears, and apples.  The blackberry and gooseberry bushes were full.  I don’t know who ever used them, but the little rail fence around all sure reminded me of the Bible story Grandpa Matthias told us children as he turned the little handle of the picture box full of stories of Jesus our Savior.  Except for Grandpa Matthias what we heard from the Bible was in German.  He was our first Sunday School Teacher.

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    • It was a whole different world. There are still 4 people alive that knew our Grandparents. It would sure be interesting to hear their memories of our Grandparents.

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