Things I Remember Fondly… by Aunt Sis (part 4)

Grandma Elizabeth would call Theresa to see how everything was going in the day to day activities for her daughter.  There was always a busy agenda.  Grandma Elizabeth had a way of seeing need of help and would send help by encouraging one of the granddaughters who were almost Theresa’s age to come and help Theresa during a thrashing period or canning or butchering or such.  She would ask how is Matthias? (Adolph’s Father)  Theresa would say he’s going fishing down at the Moreau.  This always distressed Grandma Elizabeth and she left Theresa with such warnings to keep a close tab on Matthias, he is an old man and could slip and drown.  Grandpa Matthias however was sure footed, (protected by Grandma Elizabeth’s prayers), he always came home with a couple nice meals of fish that he dressed nicely, then due to his talents we had a marvelous fish fry!  Grandpa Matthias provide us with lovely summer desserts from his melon patch, “DELICIOUS!”

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