Things I Remember Fondly… by Aunt Sis (part 3)

Up at Grandpa & Grandma Erhardt’s we loved to wander in the sheds and grounds if someone was with us.  I remember the Chamomile growing all over the yards, I loved to nibble on it.  When grandma felt bad she would steam herself a cup of chamomile tea, it smelled so good & with honey.

In the evening Grandpa would put on his Stetson Hat, (my he looked had some sitting on his pretty shining red horse), what a pair!  Down the road he went with his 2 dogs following him, one a poodle and one a beagle.  Soon you would hear the cow bells & there they all were, as he opened the gate to let them into the upper pasture near the barn.  I had a super Grandpa!  He could sharpen a pencil for you better than a pencil sharpener!

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