Things I remember about Theresa & Adolph Sommerer… by Aunt Sis (part 4)

When Mom was born Grandma Elizabeth choose for her sponsor her brothers wife Leona Beck.  Leona had a lovely family and Theresa grew up on one side of Honey Creek and Leona’s children on the other.  It was a great area for children to grow, play and learn.  Many family gatherings took place at the Immanuel Lutheran Church and School.  all were there to help and enjoy Mission Festivals, picnics, cleaning day a t church or school, barbeque beef and roast mutton, “Oh, it was very good!”

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  1. The things I remember about the Mission Feasts (I think that’s where it was) is that we could buy 5-cent ice cream cones and Daddy would give us each some money to spend. The most fun was the “fishing pond” where a bucket was lowered down to us from a window above and we put some money (probably nickels or dimes)in the bucket. Then, when the bucket came back down to us, it had some kind of a little prize in it. It was so much fun anticipating what prize it might be!

  2. The fishing pond, was always with the church picnic. That was when the church served chicken, mutton, and ect. I remember waiting tables in the old dinning hall. I couldn’t have been too old. That was the big thing for all the people at Honey Creek, That was when all the families came back to Honey Creek from Trinity,Zion, Schuberts, to eat and visit. Daddy never ran out of nickels and dimes for us to spend at the fishing pond or candy and Ice cream stand. It was great fun. The mission festival was always held outdoors under the trees where the cemetary is now. There was a morning church service, and afternoon service, with a grand carry in dinner at noon for everyone who was at the service. If you were a guest you didn’t have to bring food you just stayed and ate. There were long lines of tables spread out under the trees behind the school, That is where we put the food, people bought chairs, or blankets and spread them on the ground and family’s sat around and ate their dinner. There was also a consession stand where Daddy never ran out of nickles for us to buy ice cream, soda, candy bars and ect. It was great fun. We looked foreward to those times. Now days it would be to hot for anyone to eat out side like that! Kind of sad.

  3. Today (4/26/12), Beatrice, Cleo, Lolly and Naomi went “Benson.” We drove to Deer Run down to Teal Bottom to the ferry and on to Henley where we used the Post Office bathroom facility and then on to Mary’s Home. We had lunch there at a little grill on the corner and drove to Eugene where we went to high school. We could see parts of the school, the stairwell and gym, but nothing more than that. We saw Schell store and homes of various school mates and teachers. Then we drove to Hickory Hill and on to Brown road back to the Highway. From there we took Lolly to her house and we made our way back to Jeff City with a quick tour of Castle Rock road to the Vetter’s cabin on the Osage. We were very dissapointed that we did not see not one rummage sale.

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