Aunt Naomi’s Story (part 23)

I have a few memories [of Oak Grove School]  that are unpleasant also.  I got terrible sick to my stomach when I was in first grade and I was too shy to tell the teacher.  So I upchucked right on my desk.  Cleo and Lolly had to clean it up.  Bless the poor things!  I remember a teacher, Rufus Kelsey trying to get me to read.  I was extremely shy.  He asked me if a “cat had got my tongue.”  I never knew what he meant and had to ponder all day what it meant.  I was a very shy child.  It was fun to see who could make the most “marks” on the blackboard and then count them. (A Friday afternoon game).

On very cold days, walking to school, Mother would give us hot boiled eggs to hold in our gloved hands.  This would help keep our hands warm for a while, and we could then eat the eggs for lunch.  We had to walk a mile or more through meadows with cows, hills, two creeks, gates, wire fences (one had a hole cut in it just large enough for us to crawl through), and a barbed wire fence which had a burlap bag wound/tied around to keep us from tearing our clothing.  It was no easy task to walk to school.  It was very difficult to cross the field with the cows especially if we did not know if the bull was grazing with them.  One occasion, Lolly stumbled and sprained her ankle in the Goetz meadow.  We were a long distance from home.  Cleo and I ended up putting her astride an old fence rail and carried her home that way.

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  1. I was shy too in the first and second grade. I think we were shy because we were always told children should be seen and not heard! We were not use to talking to adults, we weren’t around many of them at that age.

    • I want to reply to Naomi’s story No.23. When Naomi was 4 years old she was allowed to go to school with us. I dont think she went all the time. When Naomi was 4 or 5 , I think she was 5 and in the first grade. She was sick a lot. At some point she was taken to the doctor and her toncils were taken out. I think after that happened she didnt miss a lot of school. I wish someone could remember this. I dont trust my memory on this subject.

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