Things I remember about Theresa & Adolph Sommerer… by Aunt Sis (part 3)

Grandpa Edwin, with the help of his sons decided to build a lovely grape trellis over his cistern.  It was in no way small, it covered a great area including a walk way to the front of the house.  We children searched to find where he had planted white grapes, and where the blue concord grapes were.  Our Grandpa Edwin and Grandma Elizabeth had a fondness to share with neighbors and relatives and that included all the bee hives he sat generously around the side of “Cedar Row” that he and his sons had planted.  Theresa being small got the job of watering them all every day.  She always asked before she died, “Are the Cedars still at Cedar Row?”  She was always delighted to hear they were.

3 thoughts on “Things I remember about Theresa & Adolph Sommerer… by Aunt Sis (part 3)

  1. It just makes me so sad that they cut those cedars down! On the 7th place, Daddy built a grape arbor around the well. It also had both white and blue grapes. I don’t know why they took it down later. Maybe it was hard to mow around. It was nice that Daddy built Mom a memory of her home as a child.

    • I think our Grandparents knew the first 6 grandchildren, and i am guessing they were very proud ot them. At least I think they should have been. They were really nice people. And some of them still are really nice people.I wish our family would look in their pictures for a picture of the grape arbor that Father built.It seems like we would have taken many pictures around there.I dont think I have any .

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