The Five Little Peppers… Aunt Sis

If this sounds like “The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew,” I guess it is much the same in larger families.  Since Elizabeth, my sister, was 1 1/2 years older, she was often annoyed with me and I gave her all the space she wanted.  She was a doll and everyone said so.  Most of all she was very bright, the best in her class, no foolishness, as we grew older she often called me, “Silly-Sally”.”  Elizabeth was very straight laced.  She was good at cooking and all house work and did a splendid job of 4-H Club work, her sewing was always best, even though she stitched the sewing machine needle through her finger nail once, it didn’t stop her.  We would set around the table and play cards, Flinch, or Old Maid & such.  She always caught on so quickly.  I was glad when the toddlers needed attention, cards were not my thing!  I also liked our old Brindel Cow, she was getting so old, and gave such good milk all those years.  I was sent out one evening in the lane in front of the house with a baby bottle and told to fill it up by milking “Old Sweet Brindel.”  In the process she moved her foot, I was bare fot and her foot went down on my big toe, I knew if I excited her she would leap and my toe would be flat.  The lord gave me the thought to gently push her hip and when she moved to pull my foot away.  Thank God for all his help, my toe didn’t even turn blue!  Adolph bought my brother Erhardt an old white blind gentle horse.  Erhardt was plowing in the garden with his own horse at the age of 7, he hung onto that plow for dear life.  Our Buddy and that horse were great pals for years.

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  1. I read the Five Little Pepper books when I was young. Aunt Nora had a set of them on her bookshelf and I wonder what happened to that set. Lillian’s stories make me wish I had been born one of the first bunch of kids. It seems like they had more fun, somehow.

    • I love to hear her stories about the the first bunch,as they used to be called. It was a different world. We were called the second bunch.I dont know where these stories are comming from but I sure enjoy hearing them. I didn’t know that Elizabeth and Lillian belonged to 4-H. I wonder where they lived when they belonged to 4-H. Was it at the first place or after they moved to Schuberts. I knew that Margie was in 4-H.

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