The Marjorie Beck Story….by Aunt Margie (part 5)

We moved to the “Seventh Place” before school started in the fall of 1941.

I had transferred from Simonsen School to Eugene High School in Eugene, Missouri.  We were picked up by car and taken to Brazito where we net the Eugene School Bus.

Vernon decided not to go to High School.  One evening when I got home from school we did our farm work and then Vernon and I cut corn and daddy put it in the shocks.  The field was across the road from the barn.

The landlord had moved to Jefferson City where he worked as custodian of Trinity Lutheran School.  He left his crops for us to take in.

On December 7th we were invited to a neighbors birthday party.  It snowed all day.  We didn’t get to church as the car couldn’t get through the sow.  We lived seven miles from church now.

It was decided that Vernon and I would walk through the fields to go to the party.  We had such a good time.  Then, the next day we learned about Pearl Harbor being bombed

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