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  1. Superman! We must have had a comic book at some point in time, or else how would I even know who he was?! We listened to Bobby Benson of the B-Bar-B Ranch on the radio…so he was sort of an idol. The Shadow was another radio hero.

    • I am not sure but maybe(super man)was in the funny paper. What I do know for sure. is that Mahlon had a sponsor by the name of Selma Ehrhardt. Selma was the niece of my mother by way of Mother’s brother Andy Ehrhardt.Selma had a sister Gladys Simmons, who was Nancy Simmons mother. Anyway When I was young I really didnt know why Selma always always gave Mahlon Funny books and things, but it was wonderful. Sometimes she gave him movie magazines. We had those magazine many years. I would sneek off and go upstairs and read these magazines until Mother would notice I was missing. Sometime I would hide them under the mattress.They were our connection to the world. Other people gave us Life and the other popular magazines of the time. It was our TV. There was a farm magazine that was very interesting I wish I could remember the name of it.

  2. The Lone Ranger was also a hero., I remember a parade that was held in Jeff. City, I think it was over the 4th of July. Bobby Benson and the B bar B riders were all in that parade. They were on beautiful horses, Bobby Benson was about 13 years old. Don Knotts(Barney Fife) was one of the B Bar B riders in the radio show. He was also in the parade. He must have been pretty young then, early 20’s maybe. I was around 13 at the time. All the girls in my class were crazy about Bobby. He was so cute After the parade they went out to Washington Park and did a show. I will always remember that.

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