Adolph’s Cousins….by Aunt Sis

When December arrived we would be sure to meet the young Sommerer fellows (Adolph’s cousins) on the way home from school at East Union.  They would ask us all the news, they went to school there years before, Otto, Bill & Fred.  We were told they caught Santa Claus and locked him in the corn crib.  OH! such dreadful news!  We knew they kidded a lot and we hoped they would not do such an evil thing!  They looked at our scared faces and got such a charge out of our misery.  Well, hadn’t they seen us on our knees and the sawdust pile and by the sawmill–calling, “doodle bug, doodle bug, come up and find me!!”  After 4 or 5 times a little hole would open up and we found or felt successful.  Do doodle bugs still live in sawdust piles?  Who needed TV?

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