The Trap Door….by Aunt Sis

In the celing of the upstairs hall was a trap door.  Sometimes it would not be completely closed around December and we were sure Santa was up there preparing our Christmas, as there was a window up there that rought in the light of the evening sun and we were sure some on was up there and we decided it must be Santa.  The thought alone made us a happy group of little folks.  We must be good and mind our parents.  This hall lead to an unfinished room we called, “up above the kitchen,” it too held magic.  There were many old wonderful things stored from Adolph’s childhood to Theresa’s Childhood.  Adolph was 23 when he married Theresa 18 years of age, when Theresa heard us in this room, she would quickly call us to come down stairs and leave those treasures as the were! SAFE!

One thought on “The Trap Door….by Aunt Sis

  1. I would like to take this time to wish all my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and great, and great,great nieces, and nephews,my family, and friends a very happy and blessed Christmas. We too had a wonderful room that was locked off from all the others before Christsmas. It was called the front room. Santa always came and bought a tree and a load of presents, that always surrounded the tree, up to three feet high. On Christmas Eve when we got back from church, the door to the wonderful room would be open and a nice warm fire made the house so cosy. the smell of ceder was wonderful, everything was so beautiful. We got to stay up as late as we wanted too, and enjoy our gifts. There would be gifts from each and every older brother and sister, for all of us. It was awesome!

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