Some fun things in winters….by Aunt Sis

Some fun things in winters at East Union School happened when through the night it kept getting colder and a sprinkle started down.  After dinner Adolph left the house and we might hear a carpenters hammer while we did our homework.  By morning the sun was shining brightly on a world covered with a heavy sheet of ice as far as you could see.  Adolph had shod his best horse, for the job.  He had made a big sled, big enough for 4 children and a man if necessary to stand inside.  Adolph had the horse hitched to the sled and we all piled in with our books and lunch buckets and off we went.  That was just another surprise our father gave us, no one else in school had such an exciting trip to school on that day or where taken a sleigh ride home either.  there was a road down below the field from school, there was a large pond there and once the ice got well frozen the teachers would let us shoe skate on the pond.  We really loved it and Adolph surprised us saying he skated on that same pond when he was a boy.  When we got home all cold and stiff there was Mom, Theresa outside pulling molasses taffy!  She kept pulling and when Adolph came he made a grab for it and Teresa let go, threw it on the ice and it broke in a thousand pieces.   We all tied our best to pick it up in our stiff cold finger. Those were the good old days.

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