Monsters, Monsters Everywhere…..

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of their little ones from Halloween!

First up is Indiana Jones……no really, it’s that little Jones kid we all know and love so well!

I had to put up one of the close ups, so you all could see Matthew’s awesome 5 o’clock shadow!

Rapunzel! Rapunzel!  Let down your golden hair!

Matthew Jones and Ophelia Folkemer got to go trick-or-treating together this year since the Folkemer family moved to JC!  Hope you are enjoying it.  (Nathan, I kept having to erase the extra er’s I kept adding to your last name….it doesn’t seem natural for “mer” to stop with just one “er”….ha)

These two figured out the most efficient way to get the candy!

Here’s Tyler Sullivan in a Tron: Legacy costume…..too cool Tyler.  I LOVE your pumpkins too!

Look – it’s Princess Lea, not that Star Wars chick.  The REAL Princess Lea and her cousin Sawyer Lehman!

Look at that sweet bumble bee…….HEY! Don’t you sting me! I’ll get my flyswatter! (Sydnie Sommerer)

Venom (Drew Sommerer), Harry Potter (Devin Sommerer) and I’m not sure if Cailey Sommerer is Hermine or just a regular witch?

I have to say that Mustard and Ketchup are my favorite!  Yeah, Maxine & Derek Sommerer for dressing up!

And we had a fireman (Eli Rowland), a wizard (Declan Rowland) and a Harlem Globe Trotter (our new neighbor)

Happy Halloween to all!  If you still have a photo to send in, please send it to me at and I will post it on Monday!

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