As the seasons changed….by Aunt Sis

During the depression Theresa & Adolph loved to read and would go to Jefferson City each week for library books.  At night in winter they would chuck the old cook stove full of wood and set there and watch the flames through the door, either they read books or played the french harp.  They both played very well, they even got to where they played Uncle Herbert’s violin, he left at our house.  Herbert Sommerer was my Godfather, a prince of a fellow, I loved him!  There was a large pond down in the cow pasture where I remember seeing the big green frogs that Herbert, Adolph and cousins came home with a gunny sack ( of frogs for supper now & then).  That’s where the great hickory tree was, and among the dead tree trunks we would come home with buckets of morel mushrooms.  In the woods were blackberries and pawpaws in season and black haws and persimmons.  As the seasons changed love was everywhere.

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  1. When I was little, we didn’t go to the library, the bookmobile came to us at school, They also left books up at the gas station at Brazito. We would go there for books and mother would read them to us at night. That was a real treat! I wonder what ever happened to Uncle Herberts violin. Does anyone know? We have Ralph’s dad’s violin, it was made in (I think )1848, It is not worth more then 500. but to me it is priceless. Lillian has such good memories of the times when the folks were young and starting out their life together, I love reading her stories. I wish we had Elizabeth’s stories.

    • Does anyone remember the first time they read ” Horton hatches a Egg ” When Lloyd was in the hospital with his foot at age 2 going on 3 I think. We were in town with mother and father, and I don’t know why, but we were taken to the Library, maybe we were not allowed in the Hospital. One of the books we bought home was “Horton hatches the egg.” The writer of that book wrote many wonderful books for children . I cant think of his name. Lloyd do you remember having that book read to you.I guess we have all read that to our children and grandchildren. Thanksgiving is coming up soon. One of the thing that our family has to be very thankful for is how those 2 little twins in our family have progressed since they were born. Who would ever have believe that they would be basket ball stars at the age of 3. We have so much to be thankful for.

  2. wonderful story. Our kids will download books to their readers. We still had the mobile library coming to school when I was at Honey Creek.

  3. I remember when mother read that book to us. She was setting in a rocking chair in the dinning room and we were all standing around her looking at the pictures as she read. It was wonderful. I think Dr. Susse wrote that book! Thanks for the new pictures you posted Christina. They are precious. The twins look so big on the pictures. Good job Randee and Glen! 3 fine boys all healthy and strong.

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