Harmonicas….by Uncle Mahlon

Sometime during the second world war when Felix and Bud were in the service, Felix sent home harmonicas for Mom and Dad and all us kids.  So I think that must have bee probably nine harmonicas.  And I was bound and determined I was going to play mine.  I carried it with me everywhere.  I’d go get the cows in the morning and I’d be playing.  Everytime I had one free hand I played.  So finally I got to the place I could play Jack of Diamonds.  Well that led to where I could enjoy playing it for my own benefit then.  And I truly appreciate Felix’s encouragement on that.

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  1. I hope you will play Jack of Diamonds at Heit’s for us next summer. I’ve never heard that song. I don’t remember getting a harmonica. Who took mine??!!! I remember the wind up bear, the car that had gears and really ran, and the little porter boy who pushed and jumped up on the big trunk. I think these all ran on wind-up spring motion. Does anyone know what happened to the bear and the car? I have the porter boy.

    We had a wonderful day in Bridgeton celebrating Vernon’s 85th Birthday and visiting with family today, but we missed you, Mahlon!

    • Once upon a time Vernon and Mahlon and I don’t know who all else came down with the chicken pox or mumps or something.I had to herd the cows to keep them out of a plowed field,because the fence was down. We received a box from Felix or Bud and it was full of Hershey candy bars. This was during the war and a real treat for us. They were really large. When I went home around noon for lunch. Mother gave me my candy bar(we each got one) and I took it out with me when I went out again to herd the cows. I ate the whole candy bar in one afternoon.I couldn’t stop eating it.It didn’t make me sick. Other things we got from our service men brothers , were silk socks and sweaters from japan, Jewelry from Iran or somewhere in that area. I will try to remember to bring it to the family reunion to show.We got so many things from our brothers and sisters.Marjorie kept us in clothes, both new and old clothes.

  2. Happy Birthday to Great Uncle Vernon! I hope those who headed out to see him arrived safe & sound both directions. Were the Kuegle’s present? I hope Ted J. Kuegle got a chance to party! I know my Mother was looking forward to the shin-dig.

    • We visited with your grandpa and your Uncle Ted and Aunt Debbie, Mary your Mom. and your Aunt Mickey.Mary Jane and Vernon and Wanda his friend. Your Great Uncle Lloyd and wife Jane Sommerer, great Aunts Cleopha Lolly and Naomi. I sure hope I didn’t forget anyone. Oh yes Christina our Niece came and took a lot of pictures for us. What would we do without her.Maybe you will see us all on this web site. Oh I forgot Your Aunt Margie and cousin Sarah from Joliet Ill.

  3. Hi, this is cousin Jane in Liberty, MO. On behalf of my mother-in-law Bea, I have shared the pictures and messages from the 85th party celebration. She is still with us and enjoying the wonder of nature as well as seeing all of her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids in this neck of the woods. She watched Alexa do a poster project on Thurs. evening, and then told Grace and Sophie a “bedtime” story of her life. Yes, she did it in 30 minutes!!
    Yesterday she baked with Merideth’s two girls, Faith and Liz. Seth was doing the football thing. Bill and I joined all for grilled burgers and THE cherry pie.
    It was so sweet this morning at church. Matt sat next to her and they held hands for several minutes. He said she wouldn’t let go! ha
    Bill treated Linda, Bea, and me to Perkins for lunch. Now it’s quiet time of reading with naps soon to follow.


  4. How wonderful to hear from you regarding Bea’s visit. Thanks for sharing and tell her she was missed at the party.

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